The Rundown.

Are you living the authentic life you genuinely want? It could be that the loss of a relationship has taken your happiness hostage, or the relentless requirements of OCD are robbing you of true joy, or a lack of purpose has left you just wafting through life. Whatever it may be, I am already suited up and ready to tag-team your challenge with you. 

Working from my Cumulative Well-Being approach, I have a professional toolset that includes Solution Focused Therapy, Positive Psychology & Motivation, and Existentialism that will be custom tailored to your wants and your needs. 

Together we will clearly define what it is you want, assess your signature strengths, and then start putting those strengths to work for you in an evidence-based, purposeful manner. 

Life is an ongoing test and it may not get better, but you can get better at life.