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Adrienne is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern who specializes in working with children 3 and up, teens, young adults, parents and families.  Adrienne has over 10 years’ experience working with children, teens and their families with disruptive behaviors, learning disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression, OCD, stress management, communication and emotional regulation.  She enjoys helping children and families find peace, harmony and joy in their family systems and seeing the positive outcomes an individual can have with the people they love around them.  Understanding that everyone is unique and has individual strengths, Adrienne utilizes a variety of treatments and approaches to meet the client where they are and what works for them.  Following her personal passions in helping people heal, Adrienne has grown and continues to grow a strong background in trauma treatments and animal assisted therapies.  She is inspired by the personal growth she is blessed to witness in her clients.  Seeing the hope and healing restored in her clients encourages Adrienne to continue working diligently to provide the best services to her clients.

Adrienne offers 30-minute free consultations for all new clients to meet and discuss what you and her can accomplish together. If you, your children, or family are struggling and would like to work with Adrienne, please call (727)-520-9447 to make an appointment now.