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Today you can not afford to make a costly mistake with this major life decision. Economic times demand a focused and practical approach. Don’t just shoot in the dark. You will be provided personalized career assessment and planning based on your unique needs, in a structured format, designed to engage you in the decision making process. Imagine the confidence you will feel having the assurance that the career path you have chosen is based on information including knowledge about yourself, the economic forecast and what the job is actually like day to day. Whether you are just getting started or need a new career option, contact us today!

Here are some important statistics that support why Career Assessment and Planning is so valuable.  Whether you’re interested in attending college or trade and technical skills training, there is so much to consider in preparing yourself to get the career of your dreams!

College Track

College can certainly be a great option, as long as you have some assurances you will get a good return on your investment.

Trade and Technical Track

There is another side to the U.S. unemployment problem: Believe it or not, there are three million jobs going unfilled.  Employers can’t seem to find the right match for more than 200,000 manu-facturing jobs alone.  The transportation, utilities and trades sectors have almost half a million jobs open, waiting for the right applicant.  These positions are for vocational or skilled workers, who are in short supply.”

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