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We offer two convenient ways to get the brain directed nutraceuticals you need! Order direct from Dr. Amen’s website from any of the links on our site or come by our office and receive a 10% discount on what you need right now. Either way, make sure to give your brain everything it needs to work well for you!

We are excited to bring you the next level in mental health wellness through Dr. Amen’s ground breaking work. We are Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach. We use Dr. Amen’s Assessment tools to help target treatment to your current brain functioning and apply treatment to optimize your brain functioning. Specialized treatments help your brain recover more naturally so you can feel good about lasting change that is healthy. By improving the health of your brain, you can live your life more joyfully and fulfilled.

We're excited to announce that The Amen Clinic are changing their supplement line name from The Amen Solution to BrainMD! The new BrainMD name better reflects the professionalism and efficacy of their outstanding supplements. BrainMD Health is unique in the market as they have a complete line of research based, brain directed products to support your memory, mood, focus, stress-relief, craving-control, energy, sleep, weight and more. Let us leverage the wealth of everything we’ve learned to carefully help you, and those you love, with the best solution for a better brain and a lifetime of success.

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