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About Kelly V.

Kelly is a licensed mental health counselor in Florida, graduating from Barry University in Miami, Florida with a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family, and Mental Health Counseling. She is a certified school counselor and has worked with children and families for over 15 years. Kelly has vast experience working with children and with parents of children struggling with depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, lack of attention and focus, self-injurious behaviors, and suicidal ideations. Kelly has experience collaborating with school counselors, school psychologists, exceptional student education personnel (ESE), and teachers. Kelly has provided counseling in a variety of capacities, including individual and groups with a focus on social skills, anger management, divorce, and grief and loss. Kelly believes in a holistic and natural approach in working with children, teens, adolescents, and adults. If you are a parent in need of support with a struggling child or are interested in help for your child, contact Kelly at 727.520.9447 or CLICK HERE for an immediate appointment.

Mission Statement

The Holistic Mental Health Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality comprehensive holistic approach to healing your mind, body, and spirit. We address all areas of your life and equally consider these elements when planning your care. You will receive effective strategies and treatment tailored to your needs. You will be empowered with knowledge and motivation to make the desired changes in your life. It is our goal to help you achieve your greatest good and highest potential.

Kelly Venuti, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Childrens Therapist | The Holistic Mental Health Clinic, St. Petersburg FL

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